THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)

First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson




  • I don’t like to get excited about superhero movies (especially Batman superhero movies), since they usually end up disappointing me, but Goddamnit, this looks cool as shit.

    Sam HartjeSam Hartje10 хвілін таму
  • 1:38 i bet that scene is gonna have a lot of blood

    Jiovan KJiovan K34 хвіліны таму
  • The actor for Batman looks like it could for robin

    matthewmatthew41 хвіліна таму
  • I don't normally like dc movies but I'm excited to see this one

    RNS gamesRNS gamesГодину таму
  • I had no idea this exist but it looks great

    max lumleymax lumleyГодину таму
  • You’ll see 2:16

    DummmyDummmyГодину таму
  • Lego Batman is the Best - no need to try any other....

    Estevez HalivudEstevez Halivud2 години таму
  • My favorite thing is that when he says “I’m Vengeance” he doesn’t do so in an ultra forced deep voice. For that, I am thankful.

    AruBoiiAruBoii2 години таму
  • 1:36 Batman: NOW TALK!!

    HiSamHiSam2 години таму
  • This looks so good, please be good 😣

    TheDelta001TheDelta0012 години таму
  • I thought that when they say that DC movies were dark, they were talking bout the atmosphere and mood, but now i think that is just the appearance, cuz i cant see a thing in my LCD screen.

    O.N.EO.N.E3 години таму
  • This is Batman: Year One with riddler as main antagonist IMO.

    Henri CokskiHenri Cokski3 години таму
  • Wait you telling me its already 7 months after the trailers realese. I hardly seems 2 months

  • is this the movie about how robin stole batmans suit and went out for a joyride?

    travvy ryanstravvy ryans3 години таму
  • "che bellooooooo questo andiamo a vederlo al cinema" cit pimpi

    Alby UrasAlby Uras4 години таму
  • emo man

    Robin wRobin w4 години таму
  • Just awaiting to see the new Batman.....Robert Pattinson

    M iM i5 годин таму
  • im totally looking forward to this. the potential is endless. good going patterson i believe in you bud.

    S wS w5 годин таму
  • He’s gonna kill the roll I already know it

    Daniel McGowanDaniel McGowan6 годин таму
  • Only batman from Nolan

    ZjayooZjayoo6 годин таму
  • God what a great song choice, was not expecting that

    jack Damonjack Damon6 годин таму
  • I dont understand why Batman is so angry? He is young, rich, and good looking. The white privilege batman. They should make The Woke Batman, fighting crime and social injustice. I think that would be more interesting than some rich white guy complaining how he is so angry.

    S MS M6 годин таму
    • Bro just shut up

      Deon EntDeon Ent5 годин таму
    • Low quality bait

      BartholomewBartholomew5 годин таму

    knee garssmellknee garssmell6 годин таму
  • So when is this movie coming out (give me an exact date)

    Haitian BoiHaitian Boi6 годин таму
  • BatMan is such a mysterious dark painful legend. What a special H E R O

    Yuki SàmaYuki Sàma8 годин таму
  • 1:37 i am glad

    El Señor De La NocheEl Señor De La Noche9 годин таму
  • 3091

    Antonio SAntonio S9 годин таму
  • Plz batman tell ur friends not to spread corona...😑

    ayushi Rangariayushi Rangari10 годин таму

    Lizzie MalihanLizzie Malihan11 годин таму
  • 🦇 too dark.. Gotham City have a poor power supply ⚡

    Lal SinghLal Singh13 годин таму
  • No Michael Caine...hmmm

    Imam MalaysiaImam Malaysia13 годин таму
  • It reminds me a lot of the cartoon "the batman" i watched when i was a child, so dark ! As the batman truly is !

    Vittorio GirolimettoVittorio Girolimetto14 годин таму
  • Brucie gonna be like: OMG You killed my parents!!!!! AGHHHH!!!! Die Die Die !!!! :D

    Jomantas PociusJomantas Pocius15 годин таму
  • Now ?0??, eh?

    Stephen FocosiStephen Focosi16 годин таму
  • Who the hell are you supposed to be? ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹🔼🔼⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️

    Devyn PhillipsDevyn Phillips16 годин таму
    • I'm vengeance

      Michael's reviewsMichael's reviews10 годин таму
  • Robert Pattinson is not batman material, only twilight, harry potter fantasy fk all suits him

    Lokesh ThakurLokesh Thakur17 годин таму
    • @Silvio Rogosic nonsense, u cant compare a legend like him to pattinson, he is a versatile actor

      Lokesh ThakurLokesh Thakur3 години таму
    • And Heath Ledger is only brokeback mountain gay material, not some joker guy

      Silvio RogosicSilvio Rogosic11 годин таму
  • 2:16 i thought Tekken's dragunov.

    Heal HandsHeal Hands17 годин таму
  • this movie is gonna epic i am damn sure

    milan kumarmilan kumar17 годин таму
  • He gives me 2005 Batman the Dark Night vibes..I like it 🤓 ✨

    Neidy NicolasNeidy Nicolas18 годин таму
  • Another Batman movie? Hollywood has run completely out of ideas. “Just keep remaking them”

    PixieStixPixieStix18 годин таму
    • It's not a remake, and we have never seen a good Live-action Riddler. We also haven't got a live-action solo batman movie since 2012.

      Deon EntDeon Ent5 годин таму
  • I AM EMO

    gino martinogino martino18 годин таму
  • New alternate universe approaching... I'm digging this Year One approach. He's a brawler, but quicker, leaner, younger. I am digging Lightfighter Batman.

    Jose ChavezJose Chavez18 годин таму
  • 何回リメイク、リブートするのか。ニルヴァーナまで使って。リアル路線はダークナイトには勝てない。アメコミとスターウォーズはハリウッドの金儲け手段になっている。なので非常に低レベル。

    django939django93919 годин таму
  • Fruity As All Fuckery!!!

    The Chronic Card Collectors Torrey Riley ShawnThe Chronic Card Collectors Torrey Riley Shawn19 годин таму
  • WACK!

    Michael TyMichael Ty20 годин таму
  • I’m a big fan of Batman but I don’t think I will be watching this Robert Pattinson really why can’t universal bring back bale I’ll give him the extra money he wants come on!

    Jérémy SmithJérémy Smith20 годин таму
  • I don’t know if this is Mandela affect or something but I remember Alfred saying “you’re becoming quite a celebrity, sir” and i rewatched the trailer and he doesn’t actually say sir like what

    callumrock11lolcallumrock11lol21 годину таму
  • I really want to but I just can't keep up with what's going on with dc movies, I watch them all but recently they just all seem detached, not sure bout this particular batman, but it'll be watched...I mean, it's still a batman movie.

    Justin CassidyJustin Cassidy21 годину таму
  • "Dude how many times are you going to watch this ONE goddamn trailer?" Me to me (2021)

    Stewart MullingsStewart Mullings21 годину таму
  • Guess vampires really do turn into bats.

    PO1SON 1VANPO1SON 1VAN22 години таму

  • Yeah, I'm back to watch it again while I wait for 2022, what about it?

    Preston E.Preston E.Дзень таму
  • Im really liking this darker, militant Riddler

    Feo DienteFeo DienteДзень таму

  • Ok this actually looks sick AF

    MakoMakoДзень таму
  • here only for nirvana

  • Dam, cant wait

    Tyee DavisTyee DavisДзень таму
  • I have a feeling that this movie is gonna be rated R and is gonna be like The Joker

    Jiovan KJiovan KДзень таму
    • It will be Rated R for blood and gore and drug use.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah12 годин таму
    • I'm gonna be surprised if it isn't. This movie looks super dark

      Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker23 години таму

    Aleksandar be together not the sameAleksandar be together not the sameДзень таму
  • The next Arkham game looks fantastic!!!!

    JEDI 1390JEDI 1390Дзень таму
    • @Abhinav Baruah YES!!!

      JEDI 1390JEDI 13906 годин таму
    • Arkham Year Two

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah12 годин таму
  • This guy is more suitable for Joker other than Batman.

    Emrah KürümEmrah KürümДзень таму
  • That batcar is a dump

    HVPHVPДзень таму
  • He's dark and he's angry.

    Malik Umer FarooqMalik Umer FarooqДзень таму
  • This is probably Rated R Heard a lot of Gore sounds at 1:40

    Son KakarotSon KakarotДзень таму
  • Are you sure that aint jason todd

    Totalosprey 2093Totalosprey 2093Дзень таму
  • finally a sucker punch for men

    S LS LДзень таму
  • Not convinced. THere isn't much acting from Pattison in this. Nothing to judge by. THe stuntman in the Bat-suit looks cool. But so would anyone.

    NostalgiNordenNostalgiNordenДзень таму
    • They only shot 25% when this trailer was released.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah12 годин таму
    • Not stuntman

      Meme NeneMeme NeneДзень таму
  • Wonder if this is editted and color corrected by the same blind man who did Solo.

    Patrick cellar doorPatrick cellar doorДзень таму
  • "I am vengence. And I am immune to corona virus"

    DDДзень таму
  • Instead of saying "I'm vengeance" he should have said IM BATMAN

    HiroHiroДзень таму
  • How many times they gonna remake this bullshit?

    Jay SandsJay SandsДзень таму
    • @Jay Sands Believe me, I get it. As a kid who grew up reading Tolkien, I struggle not be unfair to newer fantasy stuff because it all just feels like the same old shit to me. Thank you for seeing my point. So many people on this site have the mentality that they can never be wrong about anything.

      No BodyNo Body2 години таму
    • @No Body Well, I hope your right. I've been watching Batman movies since jr. high, Im in my 40s now. Its just everytime I see the logo, I cant help but think "Well, here we go AGAIN."

      Jay SandsJay Sands3 години таму
    • @Jay Sands If this was another Batman origin I'd agree with you, but from what we know, this movie isn't an origin. It's actually unique among Batman movies, as this takes place early in his career when he was still angry with the world and not yet The Dark Knight we all know. While I do agree it would be even better if they used a villain never seen in film, this is a good step in the right direction towards more freedom with these characters in film. As far as being mad at it being YET another Batman movie, he's the most famous and best selling superhero in modern media. Them getting a film like this to work for him is the gateway to lesser known characters getting the same treatment. Without the horseshit that comes from the DCEU.

      No BodyNo Body22 години таму
    • @No Body What can I say man, I'm just tired of the SAME hero, same bullshit. I mean, is there no other script out there? No new villain? What's next? Another Spiderman origin movie?!

      Jay SandsJay SandsДзень таму
    • @Jay Sands Robert Pattinson is 35, so, no, he isn't "hip and young". The villain is The Riddler with a side of The Penguin, so very much NOT Joker. And new suits/similar vibes don't signify remakes or reboots at all, I don't know where you pulled that from. Reboots and remakes are the telling of an old story in a new way, this is an original story. TF did you even pull any of this from?

      No BodyNo BodyДзень таму
  • You know, Vengeance would be a pretty cool superhero name too

    Dr.KarMichael And JonesDr.KarMichael And JonesДзень таму
  • this has more views than the wb upload

    ৰোহণ Rohanৰোহণ RohanДзень таму
  • inñm

    Marcelo BuenoMarcelo BuenoДзень таму
  • Robert Pattinson is not ok to play BATMAN ...sorry it's very bad choice!

    IgrataIgrataДзень таму

    Isabella TamIsabella TamДзень таму
  • All's well and good, but did we need another batman?

    Reni MalajReni MalajДзень таму
  • I watched the trailer enough time to finally notice one of the goons is recording batman beat his buddy

    Dhruv ThakurDhruv ThakurДзень таму
  • New batman movie exists.... Thomas and martha:ahh shit here we go again

    Rishabh DebnathRishabh DebnathДзень таму
  • Pattinson is the worst person ever cast as Batman, to be honest, Pattinson is a horrible actress.

    Michael SaundersMichael SaundersДзень таму
  • Batman emo

    Vicenzo XDVicenzo XDДзень таму
  • i have watched this trailer more times than I care to admit; it's just so rewatchable edit: will be a long and painful wait for this movie, it looks like it will be amazing

    Orion CharwoodOrion CharwoodДзень таму
  • This shit released back in august and I hear from it now?

    precumprecumДзень таму
  • Perfect Batman movie😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    RobinAsRobinAsДзень таму
  • Looks like shit, why would they cast Pattinson for the role? He's better off doing C class movies.

    battery77battery77Дзень таму
    • You'll see why once the movie comes out.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah12 годин таму
  • Nirvana theme killed it!!!!

    Ryan Ky USARyan Ky USAДзень таму
  • Epic!

    Combo BreakerCombo BreakerДзень таму
  • What's the music name?

    shahriar hossain poluckshahriar hossain poluckДзень таму
  • Guy : Who are you? Batman : B X X X X X X

    Amy LouiseAmy LouiseДзень таму
  • bruce wayne

    United Killer YTUnited Killer YTДзень таму
  • Ok but like for real. This movie looks incredible

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor PalpatineДзень таму
  • so vampires really turns into bats...

    J TeeJ TeeДзень таму
    • Best comment 😉

      veselganaveselganaДзень таму
  • Omg robert pattinson n kurt's song

    Jade WestJade WestДзень таму
  • I really wanted a Batman Beyond movie though, but I'll settle with this one for now.

    Kenroy AdamsKenroy AdamsДзень таму
  • Robert😍😍😍❤️

    Shaikh FaizanShaikh FaizanДзень таму
  • I swear,after Watching TENET I'm totally convinced that Robert Pattinson has Revived his career by His performances and now after Batman! He'll be the Face of Hollywood!!

    Anuradha AeriAnuradha AeriДзень таму
  • What if Batman is in a different dimension 🙆‍♂️🙃!!!!!!!! And he going through this movie just as confused as we are 🤷‍♂️

    Lex SmithLex SmithДзень таму
  • Leave anything. just that masterpiece music...

    Twitch KEKLTwitch KEKLДзень таму
  • Guys.. we finally will get the worlds best detective! Not the detective who messes up until the end of the movie😭

    Dyl PickleDyl PickleДзень таму
  • You know this Batmans gonna be savage if he takes mask off and looks like Edward scissorhands

    Charlz KulvetCharlz KulvetДзень таму