• I’m sorry no seven nation army me no like

    Falsey YTFalsey YT16 хвілін таму
  • 3:10 The garbage level is out of scale rofl

    Not all GamingNot all GamingГодину таму
  • Or are the blue gloves reference to Jonathan Ferguson, from Royal Armouries?

    PaulPaul2 години таму
  • Oh my 😍

    RawardRaward4 години таму
  • The trailer of WW3 looks awesome.

    Immortal PhoenixImmortal Phoenix5 годин таму
  • Can I tell u something? I'm in love. With this games, it looks sooooooooo cool.

    HopeHope5 годин таму
  • Kdk

    RREDITZRREDITZ6 годин таму
  • This literally means nothing to me. It’s just a pretty animation, where’s the gameplay?

    MDBSONICMDBSONIC6 годин таму
    • @Pickle yeah, I just noticed… it looks amazing. But I think my point still stands.

      MDBSONICMDBSONIC6 годин таму
    • Their next video is literally pre-alpha gameplay 🤦‍♂️

      PicklePickle6 годин таму
  • this 5 minute trailer has more action than most movie

    Muhd AminMuhd Amin7 годин таму
  • 4:34 this music part is really having the beats

    Just a random dude.Just a random dude.7 годин таму
  • This is what World War 3 is gonna look like

    ducciboiducciboi9 годин таму
  • I really want to keep hating EA but this does look very good and no virtue signaling or politics, so yeah, I’m in.

    Alex RainAlex Rain10 годин таму
    • @bitbat9 ??? Why would politics equal women?

      [ *Ruby: Navy* ][ *Ruby: Navy* ]Годину таму
    • politics=women right? well theres women in the game sorry bud. also this game is inherently politically due to it being about climate change

      bitbat9bitbat99 годин таму
  • 4:25: easter egg?

    MajorBreakerMajorBreaker10 годин таму
  • Mmmmm, movement shooter! Mmmmmmmm! No real gameplay!

    GooseDoesThings ‘GooseDoesThings ‘10 годин таму
    • There is a gameplay trailer you just obviously didn't check

      Sean McArthurSean McArthur8 годин таму

    David jakubekDavid jakubek12 годин таму
  • to battlefield just remake 1942 ik you already have battlefield 5 but i feel like you can do better also pls use battlefield 1942 soundtrack

    Josue RodriguezJosue Rodriguez12 годин таму
  • gracias llore

    Benjamin TorresBenjamin Torres13 годин таму
  • 3:49 T14 Armata

    Ђорђе НајдановићЂорђе Најдановић14 годин таму
  • 3:28 to 3:31. Even battlefield has used the famous SCREAM

    Jelly BeanJelly Bean14 годин таму
  • Gonna buy a ps4 for sure i love battlefield series

    Marc AnthonyMarc Anthony15 годин таму
  • 3:15 the jet scene is freaking cool part and I'm freak out

    RoughfireRoughfire15 годин таму
  • i remember when i used to get alpha invites just because id bought every previous game and done every previous alpha and beta. Now i suppose i have to pre order super duper delux edition

    Jason Lee DeeJason Lee Dee15 годин таму
  • Non THAT looks like a good futuristic game

    Tommy DummyTommy Dummy16 годин таму
  • Qe viaje!

    Gon and Garay GonzaloGon and Garay Gonzalo16 годин таму
  • "Master Chief, you mind telling me what youre doing flying straight up?" "Sir, finishing this fight." 3:17

    DarkWarrior137DarkWarrior13716 годин таму
  • “Sir, you really don’t need a rocket launcher in your fighter jet.”

    Jason GalipeauJason Galipeau17 годин таму
  • Почему видео русское а комменты английские

    ЖИ КАЖИ КА17 годин таму
  • I know machinima decided to take the ship with it but I would love to see the Battlefield Friends come back for this one.

    SleepySleepy17 годин таму
  • Finally a good game that I can get excited for.

    jupiter212jupiter21217 годин таму
  • 2:17 Terminator music hits

    Amlan GohainAmlan Gohain18 годин таму
  • Day 3 of watching the trailer until release I did day 2 but edited the first comment back to day 1

    GemmexicanGemmexican18 годин таму
  • I'm gonna watch this in Loop

    Frank RiberyFrank Ribery19 годин таму
  • Just like tf2

    Ghost Simon RilleyGhost Simon Rilley19 годин таму
  • this trailer wasn't very good

    monty pythonmonty python20 годин таму
    • @G3tshot Heett I feel kinda the same way, I’m sad the music just wasn’t more pronounced, other than that I have no issues with this trailer

      [ *Ruby: Navy* ][ *Ruby: Navy* ]Годину таму
    • Song was kinda disappointing though but trailer was a 8.5/10

      G3tshot HeettG3tshot Heett14 годин таму
    • It was very good, you just don’t have good taste

      itsWY XDitsWY XD16 годин таму
    • Ok.

      BoltpokeBoltpoke18 годин таму
  • man how freaking funny is the futuristic tuk tuk...

    Gianchisciotte GesualdoGianchisciotte Gesualdo21 годину таму
  • 2:05 when the driver was looking at the rocket I wonder how much people he ran over

    SpafSpaf22 години таму
  • lets hope this is gonna be good as masterpiece

    MickeyMickey22 години таму
    • Hi mickey

      Donald DuckDonald Duck4 години таму
    • Hi Mickey

      Mk 11Mk 1117 годин таму
    • Hi Mickey

      Ron JeremyRon Jeremy19 годин таму
  • Is ti crazy

    Karolina SzczurekKarolina Szczurek22 години таму
  • So sick

    Karolina SzczurekKarolina Szczurek22 години таму
  • I can't stop watching this lol

    Romeu CadicRomeu Cadic23 години таму
  • Hovercrafts on the ice looks so much fun

    ElscruffoElscruffo23 години таму
  • 3:16 C'mon

    Dhruv GuptaDhruv GuptaДзень таму
  • 0.27 bro, bro have you seen Joe

    SoapySoapyДзень таму
  • Came back to this vid after a month. Seems like the community is happy about this! Can't wait to try it all out!

    Leviathan GamingLeviathan GamingДзень таму
  • Тут будет возможность стрелять боком ? На пример как было в pubg, rainbow6 siege где надо было нажимать кнопки "Q" и "E" и оружие наклонялось, было реалистично и удобно стрелять из укрытия.

    S VS VДзень таму
  • The new Star Wars battlefront looks insane

    Arron BayleyArron BayleyДзень таму
  • This giving me bf3 vibes

    Ashwin BangaAshwin BangaДзень таму
  • Notice how the tornado doesn't damage the buildings - they made sure to keep that in to avoid people thinking natural disaster events would affect the environment, which would be graphically demanding to pull off in-game.

    Rick TymanRick TymanДзень таму
  • Half the maps are from bf4 lol

    ljj jljj jДзень таму
    • That's just blatantly false lol

      bitbat9bitbat99 годин таму
  • I like that this looks like an updated BF4, I hope they get gun mechanics, server tick rate and a game that can run 120fps+

    ljj jljj jДзень таму
  • After 2 massive flops in a row I really hope they learned their lesson, I’ve been craving battlefield since bf4

    ljj jljj jДзень таму
    • Bf1 wasn't a flop lol

      Romeu CadicRomeu Cadic23 години таму
    • 2? You mean 1

      Co-MastahCo-MastahДзень таму
    • Battlefield 1 was a massive flop?

      SILENCESILENCEДзень таму

    Jacob SJacob SДзень таму
  • 👍

    Matvey SednevMatvey SednevДзень таму
  • Can the G.I. Joes defeat Kobra and their Weather Dominator?

    knine53knine53Дзень таму
  • now this is what people want, not like the cringey 1944 tom cruise and not giving the players the eastern front maps in battlefield 5

    atomic_duckieatomic_duckieДзень таму
  • If you think about it, what weapon systems are we going to be using in the next 30 years because at least in the US, we’re still using weapon systems that developed back in the 60’s to 80’s. Hell, half our Navy is still using ships that are 20 years plus.

    DaveDaveДзень таму
  • Imagine paint ball got to this scale

    Brandon PattersonBrandon PattersonДзень таму
  • 0:45 GUN PUPPER!!! GUN PUPPER!!!!

    Jacob HodgeJacob HodgeДзень таму
  • Where my Titan mode at?

    maubernimauberniДзень таму
  • У МЕНЯ МУРАШКИ ПО КОЖЕ !!! ;-0 )

    __Price_____Price___Дзень таму
  • do you understand that i have came back to this video everyday for the past 3 weeks 😩😭

    Allyssa BeardenAllyssa BeardenДзень таму
    • i’m literally at work rn watching this lmao

      Allyssa BeardenAllyssa BeardenДзень таму
  • This could be the best BF game in a while. Looks awsome

    Mr DegMr DegДзень таму
  • Can I still fly an f22 raptor and an a 10

    ViperViperДзень таму
  • 2:48 you must have recorded that amazing sound even thought it’s a quad not a dirt bike

    ViperViperДзень таму
  • After the unspoken game westie said the best timeframe fo a game is near future he KNEW SOMETHING

    ViperViperДзень таму
  • Приятно когда разрабы чувствуют свою аудиторию

    Николай НиколаевичНиколай НиколаевичДзень таму
  • looks amazing but also looks a lot like just cause :)

    Toby WrightToby WrightДзень таму
  • Why is it everyone dying plus where the civilians at they fought in city

    roitingking69roitingking69Дзень таму
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    konagiri ramakrishnakonagiri ramakrishnaДзень таму
  • How to convince your friends to play Battlefield: 1. Show them this trailer 2. Force them to play BF3, BF4, BC1, BC2 3. Show them this trailer again

    JD PSJD PSДзень таму
    • Correction, Force them to play BF2, BF2142, BC1, BC2, BF3, BF4 Im glad its going back to the modern era

      Andre RobersonAndre RobersonДзень таму
  • 4:24 "Why walk when you can FLY"

  • The future is on bf2042 😎

    chris snakychris snakyДзень таму
  • Very cool. Looking forward to it

    A PotatoA PotatoДзень таму
  • Me: This is the most Battlefieldy trailer for Battlefield. Battlefield Portal trailer: Hold my defibrillator.

    MyrkinMyrkinДзень таму
  • Just imagine this battlefield comes with a ( BLACK ) remaster, there old ps2 game as a replacement for none existing campaign on this battlefield, yeah that would be a nice dream come true.

    bayar hassanbayar hassan2 дні таму
  • Looks like complete garbage, but the fortnite audience is very pleased.

    gabber 0gabber 02 дні таму
    • Smells like bait

      [ *Ruby: Navy* ][ *Ruby: Navy* ]Годину таму
    • Lol wut? Just a troll? Or sarcasm haha

      Michael AMichael A21 годину таму
    • Uh ok

      SILENCESILENCEДзень таму
  • game of the year

    benjamin zerahbenjamin zerah2 дні таму
  • Lol I only just noticed the penguins watching the action @ 1:46 (in the blurry foreground).

    Lego SellerLego Seller2 дні таму
  • Now this is some modern warfare

    Lowly Roblock30Lowly Roblock302 дні таму
  • Can’t wait to ... Play !

    Hama QaladzeyiHama Qaladzeyi2 дні таму
  • fundamentals of physics?

    Илья СавиныхИлья Савиных2 дні таму
  • Everybody thinks the storms are unrealistic or whatever, but there's actually a reason for the storms. The whole lore is that we messed up with climate change and everything, that's the main cause of the war in the first place

    AramaruwuAramaruwu2 дні таму
    • I never realized that, that’s pretty neat

      [ *Ruby: Navy* ][ *Ruby: Navy* ]Годину таму
    • too prove his or her point look at the city where the helicopters crashed, it was covered in sand and also whos fighting in the war

      Balmoris ContrerasBalmoris Contreras9 годин таму
  • УУУУ...... Русские плохие..... все как обычно... пробили очередное дно.

    John FreemanJohn Freeman2 дні таму
  • Im only getting this game for the robo dogos

    ShadofoxShadofox2 дні таму
    • robo dogo in elevator? ;)

      chefdefferchefdeffer2 дні таму
  • This is what happens when you give fans what they want instead of listening to game journalists. Who would have thought eh?

    tang yuantang yuan2 дні таму

    Siam SarkarSiam Sarkar2 дні таму
  • Hearing "Kickstart My Heart" by Mötley Crüe, makes this video perfect.

    JC LorenzJC Lorenz2 дні таму
  • Can I play Battlefield 2042 on xbox one and xbox serise x with a xbox one copy of the game? I just want a yes or no Answer.

    MacyMacy2 дні таму
  • This game looks fantastic so far, it seems to be exactly what everyone wants, especially after the reveal of the new portal game mode, the hype on my end is unreal. Can’t wait to see more! Keep up the good work DICE!

    choppychopzchoppychopz2 дні таму
  • 03:12 - Yesssssss

    Marcelo PCMarcelo PC2 дні таму
  • Pause at 4:24 and read the ad on top of the taxi 😂😂😂

    madbadbradUHDmadbadbradUHD2 дні таму
  • back here after the "Portal" trailer... DICE is really giving the people what they want.

    RR2 дні таму
  • Franquia BATTLEFIELD ganha de 10 a 0 de todos os jogos de guerra e o melhor jogo de guerra já feito

    Assassino de aluguelAssassino de aluguel2 дні таму
  • Please 3rd. Parsint view،😁

    real hummusreal hummus2 дні таму
  • "Whoa, Yeah, Baby" sums up this trailer perfectly.

    jimmyzaasjimmyzaas2 дні таму
  • At the start while the guy is falling off the cliff you can hear his heartbeat synchronised with the battlefield beat

    RioYRRioYR2 дні таму
  • 🔥🔥🔥So F#%^ing AWESOME!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Andrey TAndrey T2 дні таму
  • This trailer is insane I can’t stop watching it

    Philip KurthPhilip Kurth2 дні таму
  • without 3rd party servers?...........

    Gazza RoverGazza Rover2 дні таму
  • Get ready for the World war dudes

    I'm a VeganI'm a Vegan2 дні таму